• Soumya

World in our Palms

"Imagine if we danced with Earth, watched her trail sun and flowers:

watch the storms and showers, too, the cracks in the earth, the screams of the waves,

know that she is not a force to exploit but a being that is under no obligation to behave.

Imagine if we lived alongside her, dined with her, admired her,

saw her beauty and ferocity as not opposing but composing someone -

something - however you view it - worth preserving.

But instead we subjugate, cattle prods and electric fences,

beaten down and ravaged but by no means defenceless.

Tell me, do you feel the heat rising? Can you hear the sea crying,

spitting nothingness into the air that can render a city bare?

Can you hear her tanks rumbling, grumbling, trumpeting, creating craters?

Can you hear the screams of us, those of us breathing in the oxygen

that feels her poison

and the sea

stirred by her wrath?

Can you see that the jilted bride is on the warpath?"

Art by Saara Lunawat